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Celeb Hair Care Tips

If your hair has been a little lackluster lately, take some hair-care tips from celebrities to give it the boost it needs. While many celebrities have the benefit of having round-the-clock hair stylists and an unlimited budget to help them cope with frizziness, dry hair or hair that just won’t straighten, a few do offer practical hair-care tips you can easily follow on your own at home.

Treat Your Hair Delicately

Celebrities such as actor Leighton Meester have a tough hair routine. Their hair is often blow dried, heat curled or straightened, spritzed with hair spray or tousled with serums and gels. To get truly beautiful and healthy hair, Meester recommends caring for your hair “like a delicate silk shirt.” She suggests developing a regimen that counteracts any heat damage your hair may get. She also recommends giving your hair a break from all the styling and heat treating you do to it whenever you can.

Tame Your Curls

Actor Keri Russell first came on the scene with the television show “Felicity” in the 1990s. Her character was known for her long, curly locks, and the show fell in the ratings after the producers made the decision to have Russell cut her hair. Fast forward to 2010 and Russell’s bouncy curls have been replaced with gentle waves that look wonderful on her. Russell loves that she doesn’t have to fuss with her hair as much anymore to get it to look great. To tame her natural curls, she had keratin straightening. If you are tired of getting your curls to cooperate, a keratin treatment may be an option for you too. While the treatments last a couple of months, they are not cheap, costing upward of $300, according to WebMD, as of 2010.

Braid for Waves

Wavy hair that makes you look like you just spend a day on the beach is always a popular summertime look. If you want waves without the fuss, take a tip from swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker. Instead of spending time curling and blow-drying her hair, Decker runs an anti-frizz serum through her long, blond hair after shampooing it, then braids it while still wet. Unravel the hair from the braid when dry and you’ll have the beachy, wavy look you want.

Deep Condition

In her book “Lauren Conrad Style,” former reality television star and designer Lauren Conrad recommends investing in a deep conditioning treatment for your hair at least once a month. The treatment will add a “ton of shine,” according to Conrad, and will help your hair stay healthy. You can either see your stylist for a deep conditioning treatment or apply a product yourself at home.

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