Did Nick Carter Blow Off His Sister’s Funeral?
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Did Nick Carter Blow Off His Sister’s Funeral?

Nick and Aaron Carter’s sister Leslie Carter Ashton, who died of an apparent overdose of anti-depressants at the age of 25, was laid to rest over the weekend.

So where was big brother Nick during Sunday’s funeral?

Instead of attending his late sister’s services in upstate New York, the former Backstreet Boy was seven hours away at a previously scheduled engagement.

That’s right –  according to Us Weekly, Carter was at the iHeart Performance Studio in Bala Cynwyd, PA. It was the third pre-booked performance he’s done since Leslie’s death.

But apparently the 32-year-old’s absence was not by choice. In fact, TMZ reported that a source said Nick feels the family went out of their way to make sure he wasn’t included.

“I wanted to be at my sister’s funeral, but my family has always had a complicated dynamic. I love my family,” Nick says in a statement.

“I want to thank everyone for all of their compassion and support that I have received during this most difficult time,” he adds. “There are so many emotions for me surrounding the loss of my sister. I am trying to stay healthy, positive and focused.”

So sad that this tragedy seems to have driven the Carter family further apart, instead of bringing them together.

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