The Power of Choice
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The Power of Choice

Thank you, Traveling Pat for the picture of Little Sister!


What you believe is your choice.

How cool is that?!

When I start to feel worn out, my view clouded, and parenting feels like a huge constant struggle over just about everything. The signs of ego surrounding and suffocating me. I start to repeat to myself “Please help me see clearly. PLEASE help my see clearly!” Until I once again remember that what I believe is my choice, and my self-power is restored.

I can choose to see parenting as a struggle or I can see it as peaceful. No one else gets to decide that for me. I begin to look for beauty in the situation. I start to care less about the never ending battles because they are only battles if I choose to focus on them that way.

Instead my eyes begin to open, and I see two beautiful souls on a journey. A scenic journey right along side of me. The feelings of being incredibly blessed roll in again.

Our most powerful choice is what we believe. We can change our beliefs at any given moment in time, and no one can ever take that from us.

Seriously, how magnificent is that? Our choice.

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