How to Treasure Life When It Gets to Be Too Much
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How to Treasure Life When It Gets to Be Too Much

Watching a bird search for worms. A butterfly bounce across the lawn. The feel of a gentle breeze gliding across your skin. Those are the things I look forward to the most when life gets to be too much. Give me simple any day over hectic.

Our connection to the earth. Our connection to our food. Our connection to each other. Is there time for that anymore?

The beautiful melody of an uplifting song. A sunrise. A sunset. Do you make time to notice them?

Life gets to be too much. Too busy. Too crazy. Too many wants. Too much stuff. Too much noise.

Finding clarity in times of craziness is equivalent to finding treasure. How do you make time to find the treasures life has to offer? Do something you enjoy today. Prioritise it above all else.

Make today a treasure.

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