The Gift of Love
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The Gift of Love

At the start of a new year I tend to do a lot of self reflection. To really get in touch with where I am and where I want to be. This year I am choosing to make a commitment to self love, and although very personal and more like a journal entry, that is what this post is all about!

When you give yourself the greatest gift you can give, your love. You are happier, you forgive easier, including and especially yourself! I can’t stress enough how extremely important that is to your well being. You feel healthier. You allow good to come into your life. You can accomplish so much more because your heart and mind are working together. You are able to make any change in your life that you truly believe in. You can love yourself through anything. You can make your dreams come true. Your dreams become your reality.

There are times when I have felt lost, stuck, and sad, but after much reflecting I think many of those times I was caught up in my own self hatred. Looking back there are so many times I have hated myself and treated myself very badly. Lots of the time I don’t think I was even aware of it.

I have said bad things about myself. I have also believed unkind things others have said about me. It especially cuts deep when it is someone you really care about, but they probably have the greatest ability to see your self hatred. I now know, in fact many things were not true, and that they were nothing more than a mirror of my own self hatred, but I was not mature enough to see or fully realize that. When you do come to terms with it, you can forgive people for saying hurtful things that have stuck with you for years, not because it was OK, but more that you realize you were showing them that you hate things about you, so why shouldn’t they hate things about you too?

I also realize now that like attracts like, and when you are using your energy to hate yourself sometimes people deflect onto you what they hate about themselves. In essence you create a magnet for it unintentionally. You don’t have boundaries for how others treat you because you do the same thing to yourself. When you love yourself, you start to remove yourself more and more from people who do this because you realize you deserve better and you stop allowing yourself to be treated that way. In essence you lovingly take back your power.

I am at a point in my life that I feel like I am finally really starting to understand what loving myself means and making that much more of a priority, and being committed to loving myself. I am not going to stand for talking meanly to myself or waste my life hating myself. It is not that I always think it is going to be an easy road because I am human, but I truly believe that if I can count on me and my love that the people I love most in the world will be able to count on me in an even grander way than I knew possible. I’m really excited about that!

The true realization of how short life is, and that we have a choice to make that is ours and ours alone. We can love ourselves, always be able to count on our love, and from doing that make our life one that we love, or we can continue to be mean to ourselves and make our lives suck.

This is my new truth: I forgive myself for all the times I did not love myself, and treated myself and others badly because of it. I am free. I choose to love myself completely.

I’m really ready to love and trust myself completely. To be able to count on myself, and in turn be able to give so much more. Doing that will allow me to be there for others I love in an even deeper and more amazing way.

One remarkable reward that I have discovered about self love is that the times I am truly in touch with loving myself, my patience and compassion as a parent, as a wife, and as a human being have soared. And the times when I was not, I wasn’t that great, that loving, or that patient.

It is time for me to be committed to loving myself all the time!

It is our life and our choice! When you love yourself things fall into place.

Do you find that when you are good to yourself, you are also so much better to others? When you love yourself, you give so much more love to others?


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