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A Favorite Activity

Contrary to what you may be thinking, the title of today’s post is not about Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, which is great by the way if you’re into home workout videos.  Instead it is about my daughter and one of her absolute favorite past times- shredding paper.

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The Good vs. the Bad


·         Certain days it has the ability to occupy her for a decent amount of time.


·         It is not the most environmentally friendly activity.

·         There is a mess to be picked up after.

                                *Semi-Pro: at least it’s a ‘dry’ mess if you catch my drift 😉

Here is Little Sister partaking in this joyful activity.

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A while later – she’s still at it…

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Add to the Enjoyment

If shredding paper is an activity you think you would be interested in doing with your children, here are some added tips to make it even better.

1.       Buy an extra large roll of paper -it really helps with the longevity of the project.

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Open a window – the breeze works nicely to further spread the paper around the house.

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When the novelty of shredding paper starts to wear off- give your tot a broom to help clean up.  This will ensure the paper is more evenly spread around the house.  After all, good habits for helping around the house start young!

Great for Stressful Days

When you’re having one of those days where you’re losing your hair, either naturally from stress, or just because you are pulling it out 

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Best Picture EVER!

Try giving your little ones some paper to shred.  It may be just the miracle you are in need of.

On The Go

Shredding paper not only works well at home, it is a great travel activity too!  Many times when traveling we opt to give Little Sister paper to shred.  Make sure you hit those fast food joints in the airport before you board the plane.  Remember they’re not just for food.  Grab a pile of free napkins!  You silly people thought they provided them for wiping your mouth!

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Shredding napkins works wonders on the plane, and you barely have to plan ahead for that one.  Now that’s a tip worth keeping!  You may even get a compliment from the airline attendant or possibly fellow passengers about how well behaved your children are.  They won’t even know what was really going on until you’ve already left the plane…Shhhh it’s our secret! 😉

Are You Writing This Down?

Do you have a pen and paper?  You may want to be jotting these tips down so you don’t forget.  They’re really great if I do say so myself!

One Last Tip

Lastly, I’ll leave you with one more GREAT tip about shredding paper.

If you co-parent in your household this is a fantastic activity for your kids do to at the end of a really long day, just when say, I dunno… Daddy is almost home.  The paper will be waiting for him on the floor, and when he walks through the door remember that’s your cue to quietly sneak away and be ‘busy’ doing ‘something else’.

Share the Love

I hope this adds to your family’s enjoyment, and if you don’t have kids of your own be sure to pass this great idea a long (for your convenience there’s a share button below).  Your friends will be glad you did, because this idea is definitely a keeper!

Happy Shredding!

Question of the day:

Does anyone want to BUY some hand-shredded paper?!  I think my husband may actually be able to quit his job if I could sell the stuff!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the comments!



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