Guest Post – Road Home by Patricia
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Guest Post – Road Home by Patricia

Pat’s Home!  Thank goodness!  Some of those adventures had us on the edge of our seat.  Now you can read how this journey concluded, and look forward to what new adventures will come along.

Happy reading and a very happy weekend!

Wendy Irene 

P.S.  If your new (thanks for stopping by!! 🙂 or if you have some extra time this weekend and are interested you can read some of Pat’s earlier articles from the trip following this one.


Guest Post – Road Home by Patricia

Hi again.  For those who don’t know this already we are back.

When Barb and I arrived back in Delhi I was all wired up again and got an email from Aaron saying something really enlightening like “we will be back in Delhi two days early, I am DONE with India”.  Okay great.  I also was kind of done.  It had become stifling hot and the monsoons were starting to make their presence felt.  Hot and sweaty 24/7, tired of curried vegetables, and pretty much sick of packing and unpacking every day I was secretly elated that we would be moving on.  Downside … Aaron was sick.  He had a bad stomach and had been suffering practically the whole time he was on his trip.  As he so delicately put it he left a yellow streak across the Himalayas.  Nice visual honey.

So what was the plan? I came up with the things I wanted to do. Turkey, Spain or home I said.  With a curt I’m not going to Turkey Aaron pared down the choice in a nano second.  So we tried to do something to Spain with no luck.  Summertime, tons of European families traveling, and no reasonably priced places to stay.  We got on the blower for hours to Air Canada and our choices were… the next day fly back home or wait until mid September. Home it was.

Back on Canadian soil the word that came immediately to mind was “sterilized”.  Gosh it is clean here!  We spent a couple of days with our family and swooped through the Okanagan (2 days) then down through Oregon for 2 days wine touring then Vegas to see friends 1 day and after almost 4 months arrived in Tucson yesterday.  I am sooooo happy to be home even though I am actually leaving in mid August for England and Ireland for 3 weeks.  Can’t keep a good man down as they say.

I will miss writing about all the kind of crazy happenings on the road but maybe something interesting will happen in Ireland I can tell you about. Today I take off the St Christopher (not too superstitious!) and have salmon and a big honking salad for dinner.  Yippeee! 

Cheers, Pat

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St Louis Senegal

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Village women in Africa

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Back in French wine country

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Aaron fishing in the Himalayas


Thank you for sharing Pat!

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