Are Angels Real?
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Are Angels Real?

Do you believe in angels? If so, do you believe they stay with us and help guide us?

I personally have never had any experiences with angels that I am aware of, although I do believe there is a strong possibility that they exist and that most of us don’t yet understand how to connect with that higher energy. Just like there are more colors in the spectrum than humans can physically see, I think it is possible that there is energy not all of us connect with.

I’m very curious about people who have said they had experiences with angels. I think it would be amazing to talk with someone who has the ability to connect with spirits and see what they have to say. What I am even more curious about than what they say is how I would feel speaking to them.

As a teen, I remember my Mother telling me that I have very good instincts. At the time I don’t think I completely understood what she meant. At this stage in my life I believe I am good at reading energy, sensing the energy I feel from people and listening to that. As a young girl I believe my Mom meant I was good at listening to my instincts about picking friendships, in other words if there was someone I should stay away from I somehow already knew. Through maturing I have realized having good instincts, for me, means paying attention to the energy and feelings that come over my body, and most importantly trusting them.

Part of the reason I would love to talk to someone who can see or feel angels is because I am really curious how I would feel in their presence. Would I feel like they are speaking truth to me? I consider myself a really open person. I truly 100% believe that anything is possible.

Lately, I’ve been wondering about angels and if they exist, and whether their presence is continually around me. I suspect maybe yes, and would love to learn more from a teacher in that area.

Have a lovely & blessed day friends!

*Today I have a guest post- Reaching for Love, on my friend Kelly Naturally’s beautiful site. Please do check it out and stay awhile, she is very inspiring and there is so much to love about her articles.

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