Our World Wide Connection
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Our World Wide Connection

It is extremely powerful that so many of us are connected around the world through the internet. Think about at how much time is spent each day nourishing that connection. How many hours are spent online when you add up each of us combined? It is truly astounding! Our connection online is magnificent, and can be used to do so much good.

While here online, connected together, I wonder what acts of love we can spread today, and the enormity of its potential impact? Is the universal energy that connects all of us much like our connection through the web? If so, I believe it is extremely important to be conscious of what we put out, here on the internet and into the world.

None of what goes out ever really goes away, which is why it is important to be both a source and magnet for love and light. I realize that what we focus on is what we create more of, so I want to be cautious and deliberate about where my attention goes. I ask myself, is what I am focusing on uplifting and loving? If yes, I am home. If no, I do not wish to add to it. In that situation I feel it is important for me to stay conscious and move on forward.

Here through the World Wide Web we have the power to attract more of what we put out. It can be a great source of joy and love if that is what we use it for.

Give online what you want to receive, just as you would in life.

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