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Harper Beckham: Most Stylish Celebrity Kid?

The littlest Beckham has been voted the most stylish celebrity baby in a new poll released by the U.K. based online baby store My1stYears.com.

Harper Seven Beckham snagged 27 percent of the vote, narrowly edging out Amanda Holden’s baby Holly Rose – who took second with 26 percent.

Harper, who turned one yesterday, “has already attended two seasons of Fashion Week and boasts a wardrobe so full of designer clothes her own father has branded it ‘ridiculous,'” wrote the Daily Mail.

Before I get into why the only thing more “ridiculous” than her closet is this poll, here’s the full list:

1. Harper Seven Beckham

2. Holly Rose

3. Blue Ivy

4. Aoife Belle

5. Mason Dash Disick

6. Suri Cruise

7. Astala Geldof

8. Ava Klass

9. Ethan Minogue

10. Kai Rooney

Ok, first of all – I don’t believe that to date, we’ve seen Blue Ivy pictured in anything besides a blanket. So unless that baby blanket is designer, can someone please explain to me how she beat out Suri “I look fabulous all the time” Cruise?

Secondly, wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that My1stYears.com was trying to land Harper as the face of their new line? How very coincidental that she would go on to win their little popularity contest.

“We expected to see Harper Seven at the top spot as she is regarded as one of the most fashionable babies in the world,” said a spokesperson for the company.

Did you? Did you “expect” to see her – or was there perhaps a little ballot box stuffing? I smell a rat.

Nothing against Harper, but this is the same baby who threw up on herself back in February.

Meanwhile, the young Ms. Cruise has an entire blog devoted to her sartorial choices.

Obviously, I’m totally Team Suri.

What do you think? Which celebrity kid has the most stylish wardrobe?

Megan Sayers is the managing editor for ModernMom. Follow her on Twitter @MeganSayers 

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