How Much Reading Online Is Too Much?
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How Much Reading Online Is Too Much?

What actually helps my inner clarity, as well as my writing is to read less online. I know it sounds ironic because I write online daily, but minimizing my online reading and social media time to a small amount keeps my mind clear, and helps me to avoid too much noise and clutter in my mind.

In our world there is so much information it can become overwhelming. I find I must listen to my heart about what to read and how much, knowing I am sensitive to information overload. If I’ve read too much in one day I find it harder to think and listen within for my own answers.

I know when something I’m reading is guiding me in a positive way by how I feel, paying attention to the reactions in my body.  I want to give the gift of time to the things that uplift me, make me feel good, provide aha moments, or very importantly- make me laugh! Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Just like there are times when I can feel I am starting to get too much junk food in my house, I can also feel when I am putting too much junk in my mind. It gives me a head-ache, and doesn’t feel fun. I crave space. For me, space is necessary in order to create. The best inspiration comes from within.

The creativity is already there, inside, and only requires space to be born. Seeking out activities that help to create more space within and clear my mind is a passion of mine, which is one of the many reasons I love yoga and meditation.

I encourage you to pay close attention to how you feel when you are reading something, allowing your body to be your guide. It is important to our well-being to remove stress, and try not to add to it.

Our bodies always speak the truth even when our minds are unconscious of it.


Tell me in the comments below – How do you create space in your mind?

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