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Jimmy Kimmel is Engaged (and 5 of our Favorite Funny JK Videos!)

It’s no joke – the late night talk show host is officially engaged to girlfriend Molly McNearney.

Kimmel, 44, and McNearney, 34, were reportedly on vacation in South Africa’s Kruger National Park when he popped the question.

The couple, who have been dating for the past three years, are also co-workers. She’s one of the head writers on his talk show – ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

It will be the second marriage for Kimmel, who has two children (Katie and Kevin) with first wife Gina. He also had a high-profile relationship with comedian Sarah Silverman that ended in March 2009.

“After Jimmy and Sarah [Silverman] broke up, Molly and Jimmy both found themselves single, and they clicked,” a source told PEOPLE. “They’re really happy together.”

If McNearney’s Twitter feed is any indication, they share some comedic sensibilities. In fact, she could give her husband-to-be a run for his money with witty tweets like “The Olympics: When we sit on the couch in our sweatpants watching TV and saying things like ‘ohh…that was sloppy’.”

Since both obviously have a sense of humor,  in celebration of their engagement – here are five of our favorite funny Jimmy Kimmel clips:

1. I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

YouTube video

“You sneaky mom!”

2. I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present

YouTube video

“Those things were not from Santa Claus!”

3. A Message From Your Kids’ Teachers

YouTube video

“Lunchables? Really?”

4. Celebrities Read Tweets About Themselves

YouTube video

(Kristen Bell is our favorite.)

5. Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Silverstoned My Kid

YouTube video

“I chewed that. I chewed it up, and then instead of swalllowing it, I spit it back out in there.” 

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