Having twins?  Here’s the gear you’ll need.
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Having twins? Here’s the gear you’ll need.

Twin GirlOur twins will soon be 5 months old. Hard to believe! During the time leading up to their birth, life was filled with excitement, worry, and indescribable euphoria (minus the morning sickness). If you’re like me, while researching all the "must haves" for twins you’ll end up finding ridiculously long lists – everything from diapers to nursery decorations – and sales pitches for everything from wipe warmers and nipple cream, to twin carriers. Twin carriers… really? If you are lucky enough to have a natural birth and have managed to muster up your pre-pregnancy strength, have at it, but good luck getting both kids into the carrier, let alone walking anywhere without bumping into walls and door jams.

Twin BoyI never thought my twins would arrive 7+ weeks early so, needless to say, we were a little unprepared. Or, were we? After 5 months, I can assure you that you can get by with a very minimal amount of baby gear. 

My Top 10 Recommended Baby Gear Items Note that we do NOT have 2 of everything. I also excluded items like clothes and diapers since that’s pretty much a given.

  1. 2 Cribs
  2. 1 Changing table
  3. 1 Swing
  4. 1 Bouncy seat
  5. 1 Playmat
  6. 2 Carseats
  7. 1 Snap ‘n Go Double Stroller
  8. 10 Bottles*
  9. 1 Garbage pail (no Diaper Genie needed)
  10. 1 Baby bathtub

That’s it!!

*A bottle feeding tip: If you are bottle feeding, have at least 10 bottles on hand. Fill them with an appropriate amount of water and have them all lined up and ready to go so they are room temperature when you are ready to mix the formula and feed. No need to worry about warming them up in the middle of the night. Believe me, those few extra minutes of sleep will be precious.

Stay tuned for the top 10 items you DON’T NEED!

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