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5 Tips for Surviving a C-Section

My scar, which is incredibly small, yet still a little numb, is a constant reminder, so while I’m thinking about it I thought I’d share some “lessons learned” from my C-section. I went in for a routine ultrasound at 32 weeks pregnant with twins and BAM, the next thing I know I was tossed into the Labor & Delivery ward, pumped up with steroids for two days, and gave birth on the third day.

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Fairy Poppins

After several months of taking care of the twins, working, and trying to maintain the house to such a degree that at least the dog hair was picked up and the toilets were clean, I finally gave up. I’m stubborn, but even Super Girl has her limits. We finally hired a nanny to come in from 8am-12pm two days a week. After her first day, I suspected that we had found some sort of fairy godmother, wand and all. And, I swear she flew in with an umbrella the next time she showed up. Therefore, I honor her with the name Fairy Poppins.