Give What You Already Have to Another in Need
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Give What You Already Have to Another in Need

This week my goal for Making a Difference is to find something that I already own and give it to another in need.

There have been many times it has occurred to me that I have something in my home I know longer need, and know of someone who could really use it. After the good intention happens, sadly I must admit I let the busyness of life and/or sometimes pure laziness get in the way of accomplishing the good deed.

Giving is very important to living a life with greater purpose. You, my friends, continuously give me the gift of support, and I am so grateful for that. Writing down my goals and feeling accountable to follow through with them is incredibly helpful and motivating!

The idea of what to do to accomplish this week’s goal is something I have already thought of. My son has many cloths and some shoes that are not in bad shape that he has outgrown. I’ve held onto them for lots of reasons. One reason being just in case we ever decided to have more children. Another reason was because I wanted to donate them or give them to someone in need.

Fortunately, I know of one such lovely person I think could really use them. This week’s goal involves mainly time. I need to take the time to go around and collect all the items. One box was started a while back, but I have let the organization go and some stuff is sprawled out. Plus my son’s closet could use another comb through to collect items that are too small and still hanging thrown in there.

 Beginning of the Day


 End of the Day




Promoting independence, the ‘I Can’ attitude, and teaching your kids to help, undoubtedly results in some messes. Until I can’t take it anymore I let it go 🙂

There you have it. This week I am committing to collecting something I no longer need (my son’s clothes), boxing them up, and shipping them off to a person in need. There are actually many things I could probably do this with in my home, but I am focusing on one small step at a time so that I don’t get too overwhelmed and drop my overall mission to give more.

Do you have anything you have been meaning to pass on to someone in need?


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