Laughter Really IS the Best Medicine!
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Laughter Really IS the Best Medicine!

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Those are NOT toys!

My life is a life of constant distraction.  Laughter is what makes it much more enjoyable.  When I’m lucky enough to slip into a flow I feel that I can be rather productive.  At least I think I have improved on being more productive in a shorter amount of time than I used to be.  Really it was born out of necessity.

As I sit here typing my son’s quiet time activity of the day is playing with play-doh.  The crumbs of play-doh are forming a growing mountain on the floor, and to go along with it is a nice large spread out field of play-doh chunks working their way across the room.

I get up out of my chair to get a drink, and in the process I help carry the play-doh around the house on the bottoms of my feet just to spread it around a little more.  If only I were a bee spreading pollen I would feel a little more productive.

Rewind to an hour ago I was sweeping crumbs off the floor for round number 8 million of the day.  As surprising as it may seem with my numerous sweeps throughout the day I am by no means on top of the mess that grows always at a slightly faster pace (or rapid depending on the day) than I can keep up.

The last sweep I actually chose not to do right away, surprising right?  It was one of those I am NOT doing it right now!   I’m going to wait 20 minutes until after I sit down and eat something for a second because I’m starting to feel faint.  You would think with all the meals I feed my kids throughout the day that this wouldn’t happen, but somehow it does.

You get so hungry because that scrap of food you, or your kid, shoved into your mouth is not holding you over, and you’re having a busy day so you haven’t taken care of your own essential needs, like feeding yourself!

I’m getting off track.  OK, so after protesting not sweeping for 20 minutes so I could eat, sometimes it is a necessity for survival, I saw Little Sister venture over to all the crumbs on the floor.  You know the ones she threw there because she didn’t want it 5 minutes ago!  I thought to myself, GREAT, one less snack to feed her, one less plate to clean AND less to sweep.  Pretty cool!

Now, please don’t think I am encouraging letting your kids eat off the floor.  For one it is gross, and two I’m sure there are a whole lot of health risks in doing that, but it does happen.  I actually wasn’t too stressed out about it either because fortunately these were “fresh” crumbs as I like to call them.

If I can change the way I look at something, see humor in it, it really helps me enjoy life more.  It is something I have started to embrace more and more lately, especially in things that are taxing or mundane.  For example see my article on Shred.

Family life can be very challenging to put it nicely, but we don’t have to let that get us down.  It IS possible to find ways to laugh and enjoy even the most un-stimulating of tasks.  The more difficult the situation the harder you have to look to change your view.  For me it is worth it in the end. 

Enjoy life more by finding humor in as much as you can.  This is what I would tell my younger self, although sometimes you have to learn it on your own time.  I think listening to the wisdom of others has helped me get there a little faster than I would have otherwise.  That is why as much as I can I’ll try to share the love of what I have learned and what others have taught me. 

Off I go to pick up the random piece of crust one of the Leprechauns I’m sure are hiding in my closet left for me on my doormat…

Laughter really IS the best medicine, and giving love is good too!

Today’s question:

What is one ridiculous or seriously boring thing you can laugh about today?
Love 2 hear your thoughts in the comments!


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