How to Cure Your Hangover
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How to Cure Your Hangover

While you are enjoying the holidays and probably indulging on food and drinks. Nobody wants to feel lousy the day after, so here are some tips to help prevent a hangover and make you feel better.

Why hangovers hurt

Alcohol is a diuretic. A diuretic is a chemical that kicks your urinary system into overdrive. All those trips to the bathroom at the bar can add up to dehydration- which causes a painful headache among other things.

It’s Toxic

Excessive amounts of alcohol are toxic to cells. This means that excessive amounts of alcohol are toxic to you. If binge drinking doesn’t kill you, it doesn’t mean you won’t feel the damage in the morning.


You danced too much, fell, got a tattoo, and fought a group of people when you got drunk. This may not be directly related to a hangover per say, but acting a fool while drunk could hurt in the morning.


If you can take a few preliminary steps, you may be able to cure a hangover before you even get one. First, if you are planning on drinking, you should consume a full glass of water before you begin. Second, take a bottle of water to leave in your car when you go to the bar. Finally, make sure you eat some food before you go out.

While you drink

Order a glass of water with every other drink. This will help you fight dehydration as you use the bathroom more and more throughout the night. Extra points if you can squeeze a lemon in your water for extra vitamin C.

The Darker the Wine…

Also your choice of drink will affect your hangover. Red wine and most other dark wines, beers, or spirits will tend to worsen your headache in the morning.

After You Drink

This is also an important time to cure a hangover. Drink that bottle of water you left in the car while on your way home (with a sober friend driving of course). When you get home, if you feel up to it, you could also eat a small snack and drink some more water before you go to bed.

In the Morning

If you wake up with a hangover… there is still hope! The worse thing you can do is stay in bed (if you can help it) because you aren’t going to feel much better until you at least get some fluids in you. Cure a hangover by replenishing fluids and electrolytes. I recommend a sports drink because they are easy on the stomach. Take a couple pain killers. If your stomach isn’t bothering you then coffee, or another form of caffeine can help relieve a headache and get you moving in the morning. Take a hot shower and eat some breakfast.


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