Morning Power Hour
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Morning Power Hour

How many of you made resolutions to get up in the morning to exercise and be productive? It is easy to get into a slump during the winter months, and of course being in a slump only adds to the sluggist feelings and downer days.

I was in a rut when it came to exercising and starting my day off on a positive note. It was easier to stay at home and get work done than to get into the routine of exercising my body and mind. For years I talked about trying Yoga, for the meditative benefits that I so desperately desire. I decided to finally stop talking about it and do it. I joined a new gym at the beginning of the year and they offered a variety of Yoga classes. I am a morning person, so I found classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings that I wanted to try out. The first couple of classes were brutal because my body did not want to bend and twist in certain ways. However, I was committed to giving it some time and it is now part of my weekly routine. It is my hour to focus completely on my body and my breath, nothing work- or stress-related. As much as I sometimes mentally complain during class, I realize yoga is vitally important to me and my well-being.

I am a big believer in morning routines and starting your day off on a positive and inspirational note. Most of our days are non-stop and crazy busy, so if you don’t take some quiet time at the beginning of your day, it is easy to neglect all together. Why not start off your day with an hour of uninterrupted time? You can divide the hour into exercise, meditation, goals for the day and so forth. Just committing one hour at the start of your day to focus on your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being is a great goal for the New Year. I guarantee that carving this time out will benefit you and your loved ones in so many ways. You will be happier, more energetic, more focused and more intent driven in your life.

1. Make the commitment

Before you embark on your goal to create an hour every day devoted to you, you need to commit to it and believe in why you are doing it. I have a very crazy schedule and I knew that taking time every morning was crucial to my sanity and well-being. I was tired of excuses and so my motivation was loving myself enough to do what I needed to do. Respecting myself came before the excuses.

2. Ask for help

I know many of you are probably saying to yourself "If I could find the time, I would definitely pencil it in every morning." Part of finding the time is asking for help if you need it. I get up at an absurd early hour so I don’t need to ask my husband to help all that much. I am typically home from the gym before anyone wakes up. However, on days that I have to go straight to work, my husband gets the kids ready for school. Lean on friends and family to offer assistance.

3. What is missing in your life?

I knew that my commitment to spirituality was lacking. Therefore, I started with yoga as a way to turn off my mind and bring some peace and calmness to my hectic life. I also knew that my body needed some attention. So now I try to raise my heartbeat and strengthen my muscles at least three times a week. I live for these hours every morning, knowing that I am feeding my body, my soul and my mind with life energy. Determine what is missing in your own life and commit to making small changes.

Leslie Gail is a Life Strategist for Moms, an Author and Mom TV web show host. Find more information on her here and follow her on Twitter.

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