Use the Web to Preserve Memories & Keep the Family Organized
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Use the Web to Preserve Memories & Keep the Family Organized

Ever wish there was a one-stop-shop for organizing everything important in your life? If you’re like us, you have boxes and piles of photos and kids’ artwork everywhere. Now is the time to finally conquer the clutter.With hardcopies becoming virtually obsolete, getting online can help you organize your family in ways you never imagined. Nowadays you can scan or email anything to your computer, from your kid’s first preschool fingerpainting to your receipts, and upload it onto a helpful site that will organize all this info for you! 

Don’t get stuck in the past. Keep up with the times and find out how the web can make your life a little easier. The web can intelligently and efficiently combine your information to save you time on everyday family activities like creating paper greeting cards and invitations that mail themselves, or completing school forms, college applications, caregiver instructions, and even capital gains reports for tax returns. How great is that? is one of those sites that’s meant to help you organize your life. It’s an online family information management system. It’s one place, accessible anytime, anywhere, from any computer, cell phone, or other web-enabled device, where you can store, secure, and manage what matters most to your family. Now, your whole family has 24/7 access to precious memories, like children’s artwork, photos, and videos, and pertinent household information such as health, education, and contact records. No more looking through piles of papers to find where you wrote down your kid’s doctor’s appointment or school address. You can store all this info on the site, for the whole family to be able to access.

If you have photos or artwork you’d like to preserve, for example, follow these simple steps. Upload images from any computer, scanner or email directly from your cell phone. The site automatically creates a digital scrapbook, hardcover photo memory book, or even a family newsletters to email, print or circulate through social media.

Watch this 2-minute video that shows why busy moms love AboutOne, and sign up for a free trial to check the site out for yourself. Or take advantage of AboutOne’s discounted offer for ModernMom readers and use code MODERNMOM to sign up for 20% off your first year. If your life needs a little organization (and whose life doesn’t?), then AboutOne may work for your family!

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