Styles for Big Breasted Women
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Styles for Big Breasted Women

Women with big breasts tend to have one of two body types. If your have a narrow waist and wider hips, you have a proportional figure, also known as hourglass. Many people consider this body type ideal for various types of clothing. If you have a big bust but are narrower on the bottom, you have an inverted triangle shape, which means you need to use clothing that emphasizes your assets but camouflages problem areas.

Setting the Foundation

The best looks for women with big breasts begin with a proper foundation. Invest in bras that fit well and are comfortable. You need slightly wider straps to help provide proper support. Most department store lingerie departments have staff that will measure and fit you for free. Most women with ample chests prefer underwire for added support. Avoid backless tops or dresses with plunging necklines, which do not offer enough coverage. Most tops and dresses that have built-in bras also do not work, as they tend to flatten your breasts.


Christina Hendricks, the curvy, size-14 actress who plays Joan Holloway on the “Mad Men” television series, proves that big is beautiful. She eschews over-sized, unstructured clothing, the classic camouflaging strategy for women with big breasts, in favor of well-tailored pieces that highlight her assets. Go bombshell with a wrap dress, fitted jackets, V-neck blouses, tight pencil skirts and anything that makes your waistline appear narrow. Use a belt to define the shape of longer sweaters, blouses, blazers and jackets. Celebrate your curves with feminine pieces in silky fibers.


If you aim for less Marilyn Monroe in your look, consider slimming colors and styles. Basic black is a go-to option for women who want to de-emphasize large breasts. Other options include charcoal gray or a fashionable dark denim. A monochromatic outfit can make your body look longer and slimmer. You can also play with the shape of clothing to make your upper body appear smaller. Add volume below with ruffles skirts, flared pants or A-line skirts. Draw attention to your legs and hips by wearing printed skirts or pants in lighter, brighter colors. Wear eye-catching shoes to draw attention downward.

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