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Entrepreneurs Own 2010!

Last week I went to an event where Amy Cosper, the editor in chief of Entreprenur magazine spoke. She was very inspiring! My title of the blog was her title for December 2009 issue, going into 2010 by clearly saying that this will be the year of the entrepreneur. At the event, she was asked how she felt today about that bold statement and she stood firmly behind it, as do I! Now, with more people than ever looking for jobs, mnay people are opening their on business. There are talented people that have been given the pink slip and they aren’t waiting around for another job, they are going for it on their own! It was inspiring to hear her optimism about moving forward. Yes, money is tight both with banks and consumers, but there is hope. If you want to get a feel for the business world, I recommend you start reading these inspiring types of biz mags, such as Entrepreneur, Inc., Fast Company, Success.  Nobody says you have to get involved and be active, but you can just start to listen and read about the business world, its a great way to start to feel empowered. If you are thinking of becoming a mompreneur and have questions or concerns, I welcome your emails! sandyabrams@moisturejamzz.com
It’s time to think about what 2011 will bring for Mompreneurs. Do you have any hopes, goals, dreams?

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