Wheelchairs for Children
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Wheelchairs for Children

With the aid of wheelchairs, moving about and participating in different activities can become a reality for children who are unable to walk. Many wheelchair manufacturers are making wheelchairs not only for adults, but for children as well. If you have a child who needs a wheelchair, examine the different types of wheelchairs and choose the one that will work best for your child’s needs.

Stroller Wheelchairs

Specially designed for children with little ability to propel themselves, the stroller type wheelchair comes with a seating system, a frame and four wheels. Also known as buggy wheelchair, the stroller wheelchair is somewhat similar to traditional baby or toddler strollers, but it offers more room to grow. The two wheels at the back are a little larger than two front wheels; however, they are not as big as regular wheelchair wheels. The stroller wheelchair has two footrests that have fasteners to keep your child’s feet secure. Offering mobility for kids who lack upper arm strength to push and pull the wheelchair, the stroller wheelchair moves with the aid of another person by using the handles located at the upper portion of the stroller. You can carry and fold this lightweight stroller for easy storage.

Wheelchairs with Growth Kits

Also known as growth chairs, wheelchairs with growth kits are fully adjustable to accommodate the varying sizes of children as they grow up. These wheelchairs are budget-friendly because you do not have to buy new wheelchairs as your child grows. With proper care and maintenance, wheelchair with growth kits can last a long time.

Sports Wheelchairs

Disabled kids can now enjoy the joys of participating in sports activities. Sports wheelchairs have light metal, such as aluminum, for the frames. The wheels have an easy-to-maneuver mechanism. Sports wheelchairs come in different types to suit different sports activities. A handcycle sports wheelchair lets your child ride along with you as you ride your bicycle. Your child will use his hands to power this wheelchair. Another type is the court chair, which your child can use to sports activities, such as basketball and tennis. The court chair has two back wheels (camber) that come in 8-, 15- or 20-degree angles for fast turns and movements. Finally, racer wheelchairs are for children who want to participate in marathons. The racer has adjustable and removable handlebar bar ends.

Manually Operated Wheelchairs

Manually operated wheelchairs are the most common and flexible types of wheelchairs, in terms of functional preference. These wheelchairs come with adjustable parts and lightweight materials. Manually operated wheelchairs can recline and tilt with just a few adjustments. Your child will operate this wheelchair by hand, by moving the rear wheels.

Electric Pediatric Wheelchairs

Specially equipped and powered with rechargeable batteries, electric pediatric wheelchairs offer mobility without too much effort on your child. He can operate it on his own by using the controllers at his fingertips. These motorized wheelchairs, however, do not come cheap and are high-maintenance because some mechanical parts can easily wear out. Electric wheelchairs usually use batteries classified as U1, group 22 or 24. Electric wheelchairs are heavier than manually operated wheelchairs.

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