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Our Kids Hear Us, But Are They Listening?

Over the years, I’ve explained to my kids how amazing life is when you love the work you do. Ever since they were young, we’d talk about the different jobs being done around us and what would make them fun, boring or difficult etc…Just fun discussions to take note of the variety of jobs happening around us. As they got older, we’d talk more specifically about what they saw themselves doing as they got older. I know, I know…most people don’t know what they want to do until well after college, myself included. But I think it helps to plant this seed in their minds, so that they also realize that a job can be more than a paycheck. A few weeks ago my son (14 yrs)  who has played guitar since he was 2 yrs old, was offered a chance to teach a 10 yr old how to play guitar. The 10 yr. old had just received his first guitar. My son was so excited to be the person that will introduce guitar into this kid’s life. He prepared a folder and printed our sheets with chords and gave homework. He was more organized for this than for school projects! He was so thrilled with the experience of teaching. Its been a month of weekly lessons so far and my son “gets it”! That message that I’ve subtly drilled into their heads for years hit home! When I pick him up after he teaches, he says “I can’t believe I get paid for that, it’s SO fun!” Fun is relative to everyone but he now understands on a personal level. He may not always be able to work a job that’s so fun, but he will always remember that feeling of working at something that feeds the soul too!

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