Bad Day? There is Always Lipstick!
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Bad Day? There is Always Lipstick!

Feeling like you need a little pick me up? I have this saying…"Bad Day? There is always lipstick!" Lipstick or lipgloss will brighten up your pout and make you feel better in an instant.

To create nice soft lips here are a few easy steps:

1) Exfoliate your lips with either a lip pumice stick or a little facial scrub. Gently rub into lips in a circular motion for approximately one minute. Wash excess product off with wet wash cloth and pat lips dry.

2) Apply a small amount of vitamin e oil or vitamin e stick on lips to lock in moisture.

3) To create a fuller pout: Before applying your favorite lip color, lightly pinch your lips in a clockwise direction for one minute or so. This will help get blood flow to the lips to create a temporary fuller pout.

4) Depending on the look you want and the mood you are in, you can choose:

Matte lipstick for a sophisticated look in darker shades such as reds and Burgundy’s.

Shiny/Glossy for a sexy look in lighter or darker pink shades.

Clear Red for a very hot look. Any shade of red will do.

Semi-opaque gloss for a natural. Gives the face a soft glow when using color in flesh tones as well as pinks and mauve’s.

Sparkle for a playful and fun look. Any color works well.

Clear lipgloss for a simple,easy and effective look. Note: to add some depth to clear lipgloss, choose a lip pencil in a light or medium flesh tone. First define your lip line, then fill in your entire mouth. Blot with a tissue lightly then apply your clear gloss.

5) After applying your lip color of choice, complement it with a pretty smile. Have a good day! 

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