How can I organize a July 4th party without too much stress?
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How can I organize a July 4th party without too much stress?

It’s easy to organize a part for the 4th!  Here are some ideas you can incorporate to make your Holiday less stressful:

1.    If you Barbeque; supply the main grilling items and have your guests bring the fillers – chips, dips, potato salad, soda pop, coleslaw, bread/buns, ice cream & cones, firecrackers, fruit, salads, baked beans – typical picnic fare!

2.    If you prefer to prepare the food – have your guests bring paper plates and drinks!  Let them bring the fireworks to the party!

3.    You can use Red White & Blue napkins to keep in the 4th spirit; you can make a red white and blue punch (using ice cream, red pop and food coloring); to decorate, you can put small American Flags lining the driveway or your back yard.  These items are probably in your grocery store this week – so when you shop, look for fun decorating ideas – including fun flowers for your tables!

4.    If you want to have games for the kids, a simple penny or dime toss will keep them happy!  Or set up a badminton net/volley ball net on the lawn.  Or ask the parents of the kids to bring a game!

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