How to Get Your Kids To Exercise Without Realizing It
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How to Get Your Kids To Exercise Without Realizing It

My friend has a hard time getting her pre-teen daughter to exercise. She would rather watch her favorite movies and shows than to go outside after dinner.

Her daughter is not overweight, but my friend wants to instill the importance of forming a habit of exercise at a young age.

I suggested that instead of forcing her to go to the gym with her mom on the weekends, make it so she won’t realize she is exercising. Here are some of the ideas we came up with. They might help YOUR  kids off the couch and moving!

Go Outside

Since my kids could walk, (unless it’s super cold) we are pretty good about getting the kids outside at least 60 minutes a day. On warm days, we are outside all day!

If your kids would rather be on the couch, this is a great way of making the choice for them. Ride bikes, taking a walk, playing with friends. Anything to get these kids outside and moving is going to get their heart rate up every day. On those super cold days, get a dance party going with some favorite music. Dancing is a fun way to break a sweat!


Not all kids love organized sports. Trying to find a activity that your child enjoys may be challenging, but once you find it, it will be worth it! My friends daughter discovered she loves yoga and now goes to classes two to three times a week. Swimming, dance classes, or martial arts are some other activities that can get your child moving.

Family Time

Get involved with your kids. After dinner, challenge everyone to a race around the neighborhood, or a bike ride. Going on a hike, or joining a gym class together makes for fun bonus time with your kids!

Video Games

Yes, you can now play video games to exercise, thanks to Wii and PlayStation Move. Wii Fit and Dance Party games are just a few interactive games that get everyone involved and having fun working out!

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