Unisex Baby Room Ideas
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Unisex Baby Room Ideas

Decorating your baby’s room with a unisex design, theme or color scheme allows you to decorate before your baby arrives if you don’t know your baby’s gender or don’t want others to know. Unisex nurseries are also ideal if you plan to use the same nursery for any future children you might have.

Farm Animals

A farm animal theme can include a large mural that goes across one wall or can encompass the entire room. Peel-and-stick decals will create instant murals without the fuss. Paint the ceiling a light blue to mimic the sky and add a few puffy white clouds. Include an image of a barn with some grass and trees and a white picket fence on the walls — then add in a couple of farm animals such as cows or pigs. You can change out the knobs on the baby’s dresser with images of the faces of farm animals as well.

Under the Sea

Transform your baby’s nursery into an underwater wonder. The walls can include different shades of blues and greens with images of bright tropical fish. Hang curtains in a light shade of blue or white. Include a fish lamp or nightlight aquarium on the baby’s dresser. Plush fish can sit on the shelves or rocking chair to further the theme. Hang old fish nets or pictures of fish on the walls. Alternatively, hang mirrors that resemble portholes and decorate with model ships for a nautical spin.


Decorate with a circus theme using red and white strips and the images you typically find at a circus. Incorporate bears, lions, tigers, elephants, a carousel and clowns or stick to two or three details. Hang tiles or wooden blocks that spell out your baby’s name with red and white ribbons or circus images such as friendly-looking animals in circus cages.

Cartoon Characters

Choose your favorite cartoon characters, whether they’re classics like Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Winnie the Pooh, or newer characters such as Dora The Explorer and Diego. Framed posters of the characters can accent a room decorated with soft colors that match the characters. Alternatively, a large mural or quote from your favorite character painted above the crib can hold a special meaning to you.


Shapes can capture your baby’s attention in pastels, bold colors or a combination of both. For example, chocolate brown, cream and robin’s egg blue circles and stripes can rule the nursery for a modern and engaging look. Use numbers and letters in a variety of primary colors if you want a bold and busy room into which your baby can grow. Hang a border on the walls with the alphabet and numbers, emphasizing the letters in your child’s name.

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