4th of July Exploding Ice Cream Surprise
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4th of July Exploding Ice Cream Surprise

Practical jokes are always fun… especially when MOM is perpetrator!

I decided to freak out my kids out a little bit by putting Pop Rocks as a dessert topping on their ice cream. It looked like candy sprinkles, so they were unsuspecting, but lo and behold, they ate it and started screaming and giggling at the same time! BINGO, score one for mom.

So if you want to give your friends and family a fun 4th of July dessert, bring on the fire works with an “exploding” ice cream surprise! With just a little sprinkle, this sweet treat gives you a ton of bang for your buck!

What you need:

A few packets of Pop Rocks and your favorite ice cream flavors.


Scoop ice cream into bowls. Then, break out the Pop Rocks and sprinkle on ice cream IMMEDIATELY before serving. Immediately, as in, as you are walking to deliver the bowl. If you sprinkle too far in advance then the Pop Rocks will start to crackle tipping your guests/kids off that you’re up to something….

Sass It Up:

Put strawberry Pop Rocks on strawberry ice cream or over a bowl of fresh dry raspberries. Put watermelon Pop Rocks on Baskin Robbins Wild ‘n Reckless Sherbet or bubblegum Pop Rocks on any bubblegum flavored ice cream.


We are lawyers, ya know. Know your audience! Please don’t put pop rocks on anyone’s dessert who may not enjoy the surprise, get ill, or who is elderly and may experience a health concern from the shock/surprise.

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