Today is Your Day to Fly Free
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Today is Your Day to Fly Free


In my mind’s eye I picture people as a brilliant array of colourful hot air balloons filling the sky. Free to fly. Free to show their beauty for all to see, sparkling in the sunlight, willing to sway with the flow of the universal wind.

Some balloons stay attached to the ground, needing nothing more than their strings to be released. We all have time when we are tied tightly to the ground. Be it fear at work, or pain that holds us down.

The truth is everything we need to fly is already inside of us. All we need to do is cut the strings and release ourselves.

No matter what medium you choose to express yourself- be it art, music, poetry, writing, gardening, baking- it is important that you do. What lies inside needs a way out. It is OK to feel exactly what you are feeling.

The days my balloon feels tied to the ground are the ones when I’m yelling too much, or my patience seems in short supply. Those days are especially important for me to cut the strings by letting my creativity out.

The best songs, the best poems, the best works of art are the ones that fly free straight from the heart, no strings attached.

Today is your day to fly free.

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