Get Fit Now!
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Get Fit Now!

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you a woman?
Have you given birth?
Do you want to look better?
Are you impatient?

If you have answered ‘yes’ at least twice to the questions above, I can guarantee that you have fallen victim to “Spot Training”; The addicting infatuation of pin-pointing a specific area on your body, and employing every best-rated exercise or contraption that claims to dissolve its existence. While I am the first to commend determination and focus in people seeking change, this obsessive approach to micro-managing a specific area on any physique, simply does not work.

Change Starts From The Inside

Moms… I am one-on-one training real women like you, for hours, all week long. “If I could only change this”, “My butt is fat”, “How can we shrink this?". Statements and phrases just like these are streaming in and out of my ears all day long. Trust me, if I could take an eraser and re-create some of the lines on my silhouette, I most definitely would.

While the bad news is spot training is almost impossible, the good news is you are more than a sketch scribbled with a pencil. Below your surface, your hair, your skin, your muscles and your body fat (yes, we all have some!), is a real woman and soul. To attain real fitness and health it is crucial to get off the scale, stop grabbing a pulling every bothersome area on your hips and butt, and turn your back to the mirror. You just cannot build a house without a strong foundation and you certainly cannot build a healthy, beautiful physique without a strong mind and nurtured, internal body.

Build Your Infastructure

Choose Your Fuel:
While you are a busy Mommy on-the-go, try to eliminate processed foods and empty calories from your diet. Focus on fresh food for energy; Green vegetables, fruit, clean proteins, low-glycemic carbs. Keep your body fueled every three hours to prevent blood sugar drops that create binge eating and do your best to keep white, empty calories off your plate. Snacks on the go are great… Raw nuts and fresh fruit can easily be thrown in your bag to control cravings and banish fast-food stops on the fly.

Fit Focus:
If you do not believe that you can be healthy and fit, you simply won’t be. A strong desire to be healthy and energized will start your journey to success. When your mind is healthy and you believe in yourself, your exterior will begin to take shape to that mentality. Resist the temptation to hop on the scale every day, take a cleansing breath and set realistic, healthy goals. A weekly check-in on your progress in certainly enough information to monitor your success.

Turn the Ignition:
Get moving! Cardiovascular Exercise + Strength Training + Flexibility = Change. With so many choices out there, my best advice to condone exercise adherence towards any fitness goal, is chose what you enjoy. Pick your favorites from each category to make your workouts effective and satisfying. Do not be afraid to sweat and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Fitness is not meant to be easy, it is hard work!

Get Your Zzzz’s:
As much as your body needs to move and use calories, busy people need their rest and super-charged Mom’s are certainly no exception. Recovery is just another component to physical fitness. Without giving your body enough time to replenish itself from the hard-work it exhausts, it simply will not change.


As your fitness journey starts from the inside-out, learn to accept that we are woman and need to accept that our shape, curves and silhouette are ultimately part of our genetic make-up. Learn to flaunt your favorite body parts and be open to accepting the ones that you wouldn’t mind keeping covered. There is nothing more attractive than an intelligent woman who is confident in her skin. Fitness is not a shape or a number; it is a lifestyle that does not discriminate!

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