Goodnight iPad
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Goodnight iPad

Do you remember Goodnight Moon? Well, get ready for the modern reboot!

Called Goodnight iPad, this witty parody of the beloved children’s classic brilliantly highlights the technology-obsessed world we live in today. 

Forget bowls full of mush, or cows jumping over the moon – this new bedtime story has WiFi and iPads and gadgets galore. 

Written by David Milgrim (under the clever pseudonym “Ann Droyd”), the book is meant to remind modern, plugged-in families to turn off the toys sometimes. 

“I fear that some of the simple and quieter things may get lost, in the same way the night sky gets lost to the lights,” the author says. 

A great gift for anyone who grew up reading the timeless original, Goodnight iPad is one bedtime story that’s sure to put a smile on y our face! 

Here’s a video version of the book:

YouTube video


Goodnight iPad (Blue Rider Press, 2011)

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