How to Be Acne-Free During Pregnancy
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How to Be Acne-Free During Pregnancy

While many women hope that their pregnancy leaves them glowing, many moms-to-be find that their newly pregnant status actually has a negative impact on their complexion. If your pregnancy leads you to develop acne to a degree you haven’t seen since your teenage years, there are remedies. By tending to your pregnancy-related skin needs, you can likely cure this malady and regain your radiant skin.

Step 1

Speak to your doctor about your acne product usage. As WebMD reports, not all acne treatment products are appropriate for use when pregnant. You should avoid products containing salicylic acid while pregnant, for example. To ensure your face care doesn’t put your child at risk, speak to your doctor about the products you currently use, as well as any you’re considering, before slathering them onto your face.

Step 2

Wash your face twice daily. The hormones that surge through your body during pregnancy may increase your oil production. If you find your face is more oily than usual, this is likely the cause of your acne-related skin upset. To reduce the impact of increased oil production, use a mild cleanser and wash your face in the morning and at night.

Step 3

Keep your hands away from zit-infested areas. It’s often difficult to keep your hands away from blemishes, but it’s important to remember that touching these areas will likely spread the acne-causing bacteria to other areas of your face, causing outbreaks elsewhere.

Step 4

Exercise regularly. Exercise isn’t just food for your pregnant body, it is also good for your acne-prone skin. When you exercise, you increase circulation to your skin. This increased blood flow will improve the overall health of your skin and likely reduce your acne symptoms.

Step 5

See a dermatologist. If simple home remedies prove ineffective, you may need to see a medical professional who specializes in skin care, if all else proves ineffective. A professional may be able to provide you with topical or oral medications that are both safe for use during pregnancy and effective in clearing up unsightly acne.

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