Yoga Classes for Baby
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Yoga Classes for Baby

Yoga has physical and emotional benefits. Many yoga studios that offer prenatal yoga also offer parent-and-baby yoga classes. You can choose a yoga class for new parents that integrate babies into the poses, or opt for a yoga-for-babies class that entertains and invigorates babies and toddlers with games, stretches and playful exercises. If yoga is part of your lifestyle, starting your child early on can help him learn to love yoga.

Post-natal Yoga Classes

Post-natal yoga classes are designed for moms of newborns. Typically, your doctor will clear you to resume gentle exercise by six to eight weeks postpartum. You can bring your baby to post-natal yoga classes, but these are designed for mom, not baby. Your baby will lie on a blanket on the yoga mat as you work, but he will not be integrated into your practice. These classes are ideal if you’re looking for a yoga class for you, but don’t yet want to leave your baby with another caregiver.

Parent-and-Baby Yoga

Parent-and-baby yoga integrates baby into your yoga practice. These classes are typically designed for babies over three months old through the toddler years and include poses for baby and parent, as well as for the two of you together. Many babies will enjoy the physical stimulation and focused time with a parent in these yoga classes. If you cannot find a class in your area, videos are available on DVD, online and for mobile media players.

Yoga for Baby

If you prefer not to integrate baby into your own yoga practice or do not perform yoga yourself, you can still take advantage of yoga class designed specifically for babies and toddlers. You will help your child assume yoga poses, and as her physical skills increase, she may imitate poses. Yoga is a gentle, healthy and playful way to spend time with your baby, offering relaxation and togetherness.

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