High Intensity Workout Routines for Moms
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High Intensity Workout Routines for Moms

Most moms can barely get out the door on time, let alone find an hour to squeeze in a workout. But what would you say if I told you all you need is 25 minutes, five times a week, to get a smokin’ bod? Seriously.

I don’t believe in long workouts. I can’t believe in long workouts, I don’t have the time! And since I know you don’t either I’m giving you my secret to staying fit (and sane) by spending only 25 minutes a day sweating.

The key is INTENSITY. These 25 minute workouts are not about wasting time. They are meant to be breathless, sweaty, and really freakin’ HARD. The key is having a clear plan for your sweat session before you begin. I spend about ten minutes on Sundays writing out just three workouts for the week. Yes, just three workouts. This is because I repeat at least two workouts a week.

You will need:

  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Timer.
  • Notepad for your workouts.
  • A good pair of sneakers.

Each workout should include the following:

  • 1 Move for your arms
  • 1 Move for your abs
  • 1 Move for your back
  • 1 Move for your butt or legs
  • 2 Cardio or PLYO moves

What is a PLYO move? PLYO is short for Plyometrics, which is a short burst of exercise that is intense and helps with speed, power, and agility. AKA you’ll feel like a superhero! These PLYO moves are actually the secret fat burning weapon on my 20 minute workouts. It’s the PLYO moves that gets rid of cellulite. Unless of course you like your cellulite?

The Workout Rules

For each workout perform a different exercise for each body part. For example: For your arm move do push-ups one workout, dips the next, and weighted overhead presses the next.

Always keep changing your moves, so you keep surprising your body.

Always, no matter what you are doing, keep your core tight!

Have your workout written out and ready to go the night before.

You can create the workout order anyway you want! I like doing my PLYO between moves to keep my heart up.

Your goal is to get your heart ABOVE 80% and keep it there.

Your goal is to burn 300 calories in just 25 mins!

The Timing

Set your timer for 50 seconds, and 10 seconds, for 25 rounds.

Start with a 2 minute warm up. Jumping jacks. Run in place. Whatever you want to get your heart rate up!

Then perform each move for 50 secs.

Rest or get ready for the next move during the 10 second transition time.

Do all the moves in order.

The first few moves you will not feel totally warm, just get into it as quickly as you can while honoring your body.

Come round two you should be KILLING IT!

Do a total of three rounds.

Spend the last five minutes cooling down and stretching. This is the best part 🙂 YOU’RE DONE!

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the Internet to steal new moves. Check out ModernMom’s workout videos on YouTube, and my website to get inspired!
  • Wear a sweatshirt or Brooke’s Baboosh Body Unisex Exercise Wrap for more sweat!
  • Alternatively, wear NO shirt to force you to keep your belly tight 🙂
  • Set out your timer, your heart rate monitor, workout clothes, water, and routine all together the night before.
  • Get new music that is fast and will get you moving!
  • Enjoy the last five minutes of stretch time. It’s VERY important that you use all that heat to lengthen your muscles. This will help you feel slimmer and longer.

No matter which moves you choose, where you do this workout, or when you do it, remember it’s all about INTENSITY! Go big, get it done, and get on with your day!

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