Treasure Buddies
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Treasure Buddies

What’s better than puppies? Oh, you know, just TALKING puppies. TALKING GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES!

Treasure Buddies is the latest installment of the Buddies films from Disney. This time around, these Golden Retriever pups are travelling to Egypt in order to search for treasure, the lost collar of Cleocatra. Geddit? 

With the help of an Egyptian pup and baby Camel, no one can stop the Buddies. Except maybe an evil cat? You’ll just have to watch and see!

Released in January 2012, the Treasure Buddies DVD will have your family on an African adventure. Prepare for crazy obstacles, as well as your kids begging to see it over and over again.

This movie is cute overload, its cuter than a baby kitten with a broken arm and a little cast:

Yes. The movie is cuter than this.

And also who can say no to puppies? 

Check out the trailer below

YouTube video

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