Fashion Techie
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Fashion Techie

Being known as a “techie” in fashion world is considered just about as sexy as being called a “trekkie”… both are an absolute crime in the eyes of a fashionista! However in the real world, especially the world of a multi tasking mother/ businesswoman being a “techie” has its real advantages. First of all knowing your way around gadgets will make your life easier and in my eyes sexier because it means your SMART and up to speed with the rest of the world! On that note just because you know and use these electronic devices does not give you the right to wear them on your belt as a fashion accessory, carry them in nap sack when your dressed to the nines for work, or house them in a case that looks like you got in the discount bin at the dollar store. These devices are part of your everyday gear, so if you want to go from geek to Chic in a matter of minutes all you need is a fashionable case to match your look.

A case for your gadget can be your statement piece. Often less expensive than a designer handbag, it can be your fashion piece at a fraction of the cost.

Gucci, $230 available at Gucci ; Channel, $1555 available at Channel Boutiques

Trussardi, $300 available at Trussardi; Yves Saint Laurent, $795, available at Yves Saint Laurent boutiques

Gucci, $150 available at Saks Fifth Ave; Louis Vuitton $180 available at Louis Vuitton; Burberry $165 available at Burberry

If your not necessarily a label girl, but like to have fun and make a statement with color then try some of the cases to get inspiration…

Kate Spade, $26 available at Kate Spade; Incipio $28 available at

Mango Tango, $59 available at; Incipio $49 available at; Abbi New York available on

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