Fashion Friday: How to Mix Textures
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Fashion Friday: How to Mix Textures

Black is my number one, when-in-doubt, go-to color. It saves me many a getting-ready catastrophe! Of course, wearing all black, all the time can get a little boring. The antidote to a monotonous all-black ensemble is mixing textures. Don’t be afraid to mix leather, lace, suede, knits, and even exotic skins like I do here.

Right now, I’m dying over this Givenchy knit cropped jacket with white stitching. It really pulls together this contemporary chic look. I layered it over a Givenchy lace top to give it an unexpected twist. The next texture I incorporated was leather, in the form of these new Current Elliot liquid leather leggings. Then I accessorized with an ostrich Givenchy Plexi evening bag, and topped it off with a pair of killer Giuseppe Zanotti suede platforms.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can even add some color with a red lip or a shoe in an electric hue.

Givenchy cropped knit jacket with white lace stitching

Quotation: Red Haute Off-Shoulder Lace Sweatshirt

Current Elliot liquid leather leggings

Giuseppe Zanotti black suede platforms

TopShop Logan Blue Metallic Platform Sandals

Givenchy Plexi evening bag

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