Books for Men on Pregnancy
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Books for Men on Pregnancy

Men do not have to experience the swollen ankles, night-time cravings and abundant back pain that commonly accompanies pregnancy, but the impending birth of a child does have an effect on them. Provide the father-to-be in your life with a book about the ups and downs of pregnancy, encouraging him to play an active role in the process of pregnancy.

‘Pregnancy Sucks for Men’

In “Pregnancy Sucks for Men,” authors Joanne and Jeff Kimes take a humorous look at pregnancy and provide Dads with some tongue-in-cheek advice about surviving the nine-month roller coaster and coming out the other side unscathed. The book is organized in a month-by-month format, much like the decidedly more serious books found on the topic of pregnancy.

Joanne Kimes and her husband discuss ways in which men can make the process of pregnancy less painful for themselves. For example, one section recounts ways in which men can avoid getting puked on.

‘When Men are Pregnant’

In “When Men are Pregnant,” Jerrold Lee Shapiro explores the emotional side of becoming a father in a poignant and sensitive manner. Fathers-to-be will likely appreciate Shapiro’s first-hand advice on how to deal with the emotional challenges, and even fear, that often accompany impending fatherhood.

Along with the touchy-feely stuff, the text also contains practical information on how men can help their wives move through their pregnancy, giving the dad-to-be the knowledge he requires to take an active role in the pregnancy process.

‘How Men Have Babies’

Former “Growing Pains” star Alan Thicke takes readers on a ride through pregnancy in this semiautobiographical tale, “How Men Have Babies.” Thicke penned this text after helping his second wife, Gina, through her pregnancy. As a father fresh from the delivery room, Thicke is able to capture the emotions that many men feel during this potentially perplexing and challenging time. Throughout the text, he provides advice to fathers-to-be, often peppering in humor.

‘Fathers at Birth’

“Fathers at Birth,” by doula and midwife Rose St. John, provides fathers with some insight into what they can expect on the day their child enters the world. St. John explores the transformation of fathers from passive waiting-room fillers to active members of the birthing process.

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