Jack Teaches His Friends to be KidSafe! 2nd Edition
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Jack Teaches His Friends to be KidSafe! 2nd Edition

Back in my day (God, I feel old…), we had school assemblies where the local police would come and talk to us about “Stranger Danger.”  

We learned never to help anyone find their lost dog or accept candy from strangers unless we had the permission and presence of our parents.  

Unfortunately, more recent studies of the “Stranger Danger” teaching method discovered that most crimes against children are perpetrated by people the children knew.  Knowing that, it would seem that parents are in a sticky spot when it comes to preparing their children to handle situations on their own and keeping their little ones safe.  

Fortunately, our friends (and Mommy bloggers) from KidSafe Foundation have just released an updated version of their wonderful book Jack Teaches His Friends to be KidSafe! by Sally Berenzweig, MEd, MA and Cherie Benjoseph, LCSW and illustrated by Lilah Cohen.  

Do you drop your child off at school? At after school activities? Tutors? Play dates? Babysitters? Sports practice?”  There are times when you have to leave your child alone, and reading this book with them will prepare them to stay KidSafe all the time.  The first edition of this book proved to be a wonderful teaching tool when it came time to discuss uncomfortable situations with the kids.  Now, the second edition of the book covers more even situations for parents to teach their children about.  

One review of Jack Teaches His Friends to be KidSafe! from Barnes and Noble says: 

“Although my son is now only five, the amazing thing about this book is that while appropriate for him, it is also pertinent for older children too! The book includes a parent/adult guide that will help you with how to best utilize this book with the child that you love.”

You can’t always hold your kid’s hand, but rest assured they will know what to do in a tough situation after you’ve read through this book together.  

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