The Bright Side of Divorce
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The Bright Side of Divorce

Divorce has a bright side: the opportunity to restart your life. As you detox and heal you may discover a better version of yourself than you have ever known. Here are some benefits of being one adult:

* Easy to get a table in a busy restaurant (or sit at the bar)

* Listen to any music and sing out loud

* Your time is your own

* Take as long as you want in the bathroom

* On your own schedule

* Opportunity to talk to strangers

* No influence of another opinion (get to know YOU)

* No compromise

* Conversation is replaced with reading, thinking, writing, etc.

* Cheaper

* You can stay or leave…it’s up to you

* People are generally more friendly to someone alone

* No small talk necessary (many couples don’t talk anyway)

* Losing your way leads to more adventure

* No expectation

* Only accountable to yourself

* Increases self reliance and trust

The list goes on…

Granted these are things you could have in a healthy relationship, but in the meantime!

Instead of Eat Pray Love –
Learn Grow Be

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