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It’s as simple as a Smile~

How often have you woken up on the wrong side of the bed or had a bad encounter with someone and assumed the rest of your day would follow suit? Then out of the blue you are side swapped with a smile from a stranger or friend. You physically feel lighter with a glimpse of hope for the rest of your day. A simple smile actually turned your day around, and from an unexpected source to say the least. Who can deny the power of a smile, the impact a smile can make from one person to another? What if you harnessed that same logic for yourself and commited to smile even when you weren’t feeling in the best of moods. Could you change your own mood and situation by “faking” to be happy? At the very least you could make someone else feel good. Would the act of smiling impact your mood? It is truly amazing what a simple act of kindness can do for yourself and others around you. Who is to say your smile didn’t come at the exact right moment for someone having a horrible day? Your actions will soon become habit and you will wonder why you are feeling more optimistic and genuinely happy.

1. Smile for the sake of smiling
This week make an effort to smile more during the day. Smile to yourself as well as others and notice the impact it has on everyone. Most of us don’t realize the effect we can have on other’s lives. Make a point this week to smile when you least feel like smiling.

2. Write it down
This week make a point of writing down your experiences with the “smile experiment”. Keep a journal or notepad and write down every evening what effect your smiling had. Write down how you felt. Write down how it affected your day. Write down the differences it made. Being aware and fully present not only keeps you in the moment, but opens your eyes to the power of your actions.

3. Impact another
This week make a commitment to smile at 5 strangers every day. Every morning commit to smile at 5 people througout the day. It may feel awkward at first, again this is expanding your comfort zone. You can truly make a difference in the life of another with a simple smile. Try it out this week and see how it feels. Notice how it changes your own outlook and mood.

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