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Reignite your passions!

I have a client I will call Sarah. Sarah has been a mother for as long as she can remember, and in this time Sarah slowly lost touch with her own needs and desires. She spent so much time caring for others, that her own joy factor got pushed aside. When I asked her what her passions were, she looked at me with a complete blank stare. She honestly had no idea what her passions were. I of course told her that deep down she knew exactly what her passions were, they were just buried over the course of time. Each and every one of us is unique and creative in our own way, it is just a matter of uncovering the truth, listening to your inner guidance. Sarah was excited to uncover her passions, she just didn’t have much faith that much was going to be discovered. One symptom that many people experience is forgetfulness. We get so busy in our lives that we simply forget what it is that pulls at our heart strings. We also need to let some things go in our lives to make room for those activities that really excite us. I am a firm believer in simplifying your life first before embarking on major life changes. You will set yourself up to fail if you don’t take this crucial step. Get rid of what is draining and taxing you in order to make room for what fills you up. After working with Sarah, she was ecstatic that she found her “calling”. She realized she had a passion for animals. She decided to volunteer at the local animal shelter. This volunteer work brought more meaning and joy to her life than she ever could have imagined. She finally listened to her inner guidance system and put herself first for once. She also realized that putting herself first was not a selfish act, but an act of love for her family. She taught her children by example to follow their hearts and listen to that gentle voice inside. This joy radiated to all those around her and people were amazed by the transformation. This week open yourself up to rediscovering your own passions and desires.

1. Take a step back

The first step in discovering your passions is to take a step away from the noise and chaos in your life. It is important to be in a quiet atmosphere in order to focus and clear your head. Review your life and pinpoint when and where you were the happiest. What experiences brought you joy? Who were you surrounded by? Jot down what comes to mind.

2. Go on a treasure hunt

If you are still clueless as to what your passions are, go on a treasure hunt in your own home. Look at your bookshelves. What types of books are you drawn to? Do you have countless numbers of gardening books? Do you have books on travel? Look at your photo albums? What brought you joy in the past? Your home is a blueprint for where your passions lie. Take a good hard look at what your home says.

3. Get out there and explore

The next step is to get engaged in a variety of activities. Sign up for classes that have sparked your interest in the past. Try something new, you may be surprised by your level of fun. This is your opportunity to put yourself out there and see what happens. You may be surprised who you will run into or what opportunities may present themselves. This is the time to open yourself up to possibilities.

Good luck!

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