Styles for Fine Baby Hair
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Styles for Fine Baby Hair

You may be tackling styling fine baby hair on an infant, a toddler or a preschooler. Baby hair tangles easily, doesn’t hold barrettes or clips well, and typically belongs to an often uncooperative child. Finding quick, easy styles that you and your little girl like can keep her hair neat and reduce morning tears for both of you.

Go Short

Short hairstyles can be the easiest way to manage fine baby hair. A short pixie cut may be ideal if your little girl doesn’t want her hair fussed with, and it can be dressed up with barrettes, headbands or small bows. Short blunt cuts, or bobs, ranging from ear length to near shoulder length are another easy-care option that will work for straight, wavy or curly hair, especially if worn with bangs. Bobs can be cut to the same length around the head, or left longer in front for a swingier look.

Growing Out Looks

Whether your toddler’s hair is just growing or you’re growing out a short haircut, styles for those in-between lengths can be challenging. Headbands and no-slip baby barrettes can keep bangs out of her eyes, but you may need to distract her with silly faces or games for a few minutes so she’ll forget they are there. As she gets older, try french braids along her hairline or twist the hair back and clip with tiny butterfly clips. Pigtails may work with shorter hair, well before a ponytail will stay in place.

Long Locks

If your daughter has long hair, ponytails, braids and up-do styles can keep it neat all day long. Use a leave-in conditioning spray to make it easier to comb her hair and avoid tangles. A quick ponytail or single braid is a fast and easy option for everyday, but you may find that smaller hair elastics or terrycloth elastics work best. More complex braids and twists can be pretty for portraits, church or holidays. If you want to add waves or curls, try traditional rollers or braids instead of heated appliances on fine, baby hair.

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