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When to start talking with your kids about SEX sex

Many parents wait for some sign their kids are about to have sex, and then they sit them down to talk about sex.  But this is a mistake.  You want to start talking with your kids about sex WAY before they are actually thinking of doing it.  So instead of “waiting,” start talking now.  True, most 12 year olds aren’t having sex.  But are they thinking about sex, talking about sex, and seeing sex everyday in the media?  Absolutely.   Every child is different, but if I had to put a general age on it, I’d say middle school is the time to start talking about sex as it pertains to your child (not just more generally “where babies come from”).  When your kids are in middle school, start broaching topics like sex in the media, sex and technology, healthy relationships, oral sex, sexual decision making, and body image.  As they get older talk with them about birth control, condoms, STDs, and when sex is a good idea/bad idea.

For More Information, check out Talking Sex With Your Kids.

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