Fun Fashion for Boys
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Fun Fashion for Boys

There is a new trend in fashion, hot new styles for children. Top designers and celebrities are coming together to create individual, edgy, fun looks for our kids especially for boys.

These styles include: Graphic T’s from Rock N Roll influences to Japanese Hara Juku’ characters, Tailored Military Looks, and Stylish Blazers. Boys now have the option to bring together their own individual style.


I have two great boys and I love to dress them fashionably but had a difficult time finding unique pieces. As you know boys have different styles, some love to wear the graphic t’s, others like to wear button downs. I came across an amazing boy’s line called Captain Monkey Boys. Esther Marie is the designer and founder of Captain Monkey Boys. She has an amazing vision of bringing cool styles for kids to promote themselves as who they are, “Innovative with an Edge!” Many celebrities’ children are wearing her designs. One of her inspirations is the late Alexander McQueen, known for his unique “no holding back” designs.

 These are some of my picks from her spring and summer collection.  It was hard to choose, but I narrowed it down to my favorites.  Great looks, quality fabrics, what else is there? OK Moms grab your boys and let’s go shopping!!!

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“The King” This adorable look was inspired by the whole military influence in fashion. The attention to detail is spot on with emblems placed on the collar. This was a very nice detail and gives it an interesting touch. 100% cotton, how cute is this!

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“The Paisley” This is another military influence a lightweight paisley button down. Paisley’s gives little boys such sophistication. This is a cool fabric for summer, especially for the boys on the go. Fresh and stylish!

blog post photo Featuring my son Cameron

“The Flavia” Ok ladies, she can’t keep this in stock, goes over big with the boys. This t-shirt can be a hit for Halloween or any time of year. It also can be layered underneath a button down or a blazer for evening. My son loves this shirt. Boys and bats who knew!!!

blog post photo  Featuring my oldest, Adam

This button down has a Ralph Lauren feel with a touch of rock-n-roll. This influence can be seen all over Hollywood.  Yet it still has a fresh clean look for spring.  My son loves skulls. Boys!!!

blog post photo

Black Blazer with white pinstripes black button with embroider stitching- The Abraham

Grey Blazer– The Othello  

These blazers are so unique. Each of them has different colored lining, love that! It’s kind of like the shoes with the red bottom for women. This detail makes any outfit pop. Boys in Blazers are so cute. A Blazer finishes the look and adds flare.

blog post photo

Brown Blazer with Paisley embroidery –The Montano

This blazer is my favorite it has a Robert Graham and Paul Smith feel. A unique blazer can bring a personal touch to a style in any boy’s wardrobe. Your child will stand out in a crowd with this one!


Her clothing can be found in boutiques in the US, Canada, Australia and Malaysia. 



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