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Must have items in your fridge:

You’re Iphone alarm just “jingled”  and as you hit snooze for the second time you’re mind begins to race as you know you have 2+ kids to feed, cloth, pack lunches, make sure the homework is done, packed and ready to be turned in, kiss Mr. Wonderful and wish him a good day, feed the family animals and then you realize you’ve been operating on adrenaline and you need to eat too!!!! 

A morning in the life of a (Super) Modern Mom, right?!

Experts say the most important meal of the day is breakfast and while you make sure the family gets theirs, who makes sure you get yours? Well you do, with these quick easy nutritious meals that can be eaten standing, on the go or between the morning tasks. The following are a quick check list for all Moms to have handy for your breakfast or snacks:

Hard boiled eggs – High in protein, low maintenance

Nonfat or low fat yogurt – High in calcium, low in clean up

Nonfat or low fat cottage cheese – High in calcium, protein and potassium, low in calories

Fresh Fruit – Easy for on the go or when you’re mobile

You’re day doesn’t end or get any easier once the kids are off to school, you’re daily To Do lists only becomes longer and more challenging so don’t make it harder on yourself by skipping breakfast. Grab one of the above items to help jump start your morning and make your family’s daily transition to be up and moving effortless.

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