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Tips to have a flat belly.

Who doesn’t want a flat, tight, firm belly?  Here are some tips and things to think about on your quest for the holy grail of feeling and looking great – the Flat Belly!

Avoid carbonated drinks… those bubbles don’t just disappear once you drink them… drink lots of water and fresh iced tea instead.

Reduce your sodium intake.  Salt makes us all bloated…make a habit of reading labels and not over seasoning your meals.

Try eating smaller meals more often.  I eat probably 6-7 times a day…small meals that fill me up, and are easy to digest that do not leave me feeling overly full, bloated, or tired. 

Chew Chew Chew…Eat slowly…enjoy your meal.  Sit down and make a habit of turning off the TV, and use a small plate…Are you aware of the portion you are eating? 

Do you have any food allergies?  We are sometimes unaware food allergies which can cause uncomfortable gas and bloating.  It’s not you it is the wheat or lactose that can be the source of your discomfort.



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