70’s Revival
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70’s Revival

It’s no secret that when it comes to fashion women dress for other women. A man in general is easy to please, for the most part they are clueless and they like the basics… cute, sexy, and confident with your best assets highlighted. It’s other women, other style hunters that understand your taste and notice every detail. It feels great when you get a genuine complement for your look of the day and the justification that your new favorite shoes were both worth the hunt and the price. From top to bottom women take in every element and men just think our favorite trends are ridiculous. Please note that most of the time trends are indeed over embellished especially if you are jaded enough to sport the look right off the runway. Unless you are a 17-year-old rail or a New York City socialite the key is to translate what you find fun and exciting on the runway into the realm of your everyday world. Obviously there is no reason to wear a studded Balmain military coat to run errands, but you could take a military inspired denim jacket or a knit top with metal button details or epilates and pair it with a great pair of jeans or pants and rock the same vibe all day long.

My favorite trend of the moment is the 70s revival. However and I must stress this does not mean emulating Sunny and Cher, showing your midriff, and the rebirth of a flower child when you are actually 40. Fashion walks a fine line between refined and circus clown, and if you want to be taken seriously you must only take details that best suit your look and your body type and incorporate the trend into your own reality.

I am a huge fan of the wide leg or kick flare pant. They come in many different forms and again it is important to be real with your body and fit, because if you choose the wrong silhouette its all down hill from there.

If you like the kick flare (fitted at the thigh and flared at the bottom) I would suggest one of these

Goldsign-Net-A-Porter.com, Forever 21- forever21.com, Paige-bloomingdales.com

Galleries Lafayette, H&M and Macys are a few of the retailers that are showcasing this key silhouette for women.

Another key element in the 70s revival is lace and mesh. Again and I stress this is to be worn both feminine and conservatively. Don’t think your ok stepping out in a lace teddy looking like a reject from the material girl video, or in a mesh top fit for a basketball game in the ghetto. Those are both 80s trends that should be banned and could even scare your best friend away! What is huge is mixed mediums of soft sophisticated bodies that reek of bohemian chic.

Tracy Reese, Chanel, and Isabel Marant

Last but not least are maxi dresses and flowy jumpers. They both have big elements hitting the spring and fall fashion shows. Both can be simple, comfortable and stunning at the same time. I am a huge fan!

Maxi Dresses are showing in all fabrics and cuts here are a few that stood out to me.

Marc Jacobs, twenty- shopbop.com, Haider Ackermann

Jumpers are always fun and these designers know how to make a kitschy silhouette sophisticated.

Paul and Joe, Rebecca Taylor, Diane Von Furstenburg, St John

In closing the key to any trend is moderation and variation. Make it your own and own what you make. There is nothing more attractive than a confident woman, no matter what you are wearing!

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