Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth
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Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth

It is early morning. The sun is streaming in a beautiful pattern through my window. My indoor plants look especially peaceful in the morning light. I’m curled up under a cozy blanket, with a steaming cup of tea, writing by my bedroom window.

Today is the first day I have wanted to wake up to write in the early morning hours. There is something glorious about it. I’ve heard many writers express their love for writing in the morning. The advice always sounded good but there is that part of me that says I need all the sleep I can get! Maybe today is different because of my shear excitement to share with you the best book I have read thus far in my adult life.

Discover the Power Within You is the Angelina Ballerina of my adulthood. Just as I keep Angelina Ballerina with me on my journey and read it from time to time, I know that Discover the Power Within You will travel with me, and be my reminder and inspiration to live consciously and in the moment.

Discover the Power Within You: A Guide to the Unexplored Depths Within is a book I picked up along with two others- The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents by Deepak Chopra and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The title is what appealed to me, but of the 3 books I knew virtually nothing about it, and for that reason it was the last one I read. When I picked up the book to start reading and realized there was a passage from Oprah on the back, and a forward by Maya Angelou, I was truly excited. These women, who I considered to be two of the greatest teachers of our time, had read this book and were completely moved by it.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this book changed me. It took God outside of the box for me and for the first time spoke about the divine in a way that actually makes sense and that I could understand. Butterworth brings God out of the sky and into all things. He speaks of God-consciousness as something we can achieve within ourselves. I feel more at peace after reading this book than ever before.

Discover the Power Within You is the switch to turning the light on, your divine light. It awakens the sleeping greatness within you. It speaks of consciousness in the most profound way. We are truly creating our life experiences in our minds and the more aware of that we are, the better life we can create for ourselves.

Many of us know the benefits of focusing on our blessings. Focusing on blessings creates more blessings and happiness, while focusing on lack only creates more lack and misery. If you believe that statement to be true. If you believe that your mind is the driving force behind how you experience life, than this book may have the power to completely change the way you think.

Discover the Power Within You is the greatest book of my life up until this point, and most certainly will become a part of my daily meditation. This book has changed me the way a great writer and teacher can do. It has given me a much clearer understanding of many other books I have read and loved. I believe those authors already knew what this book was teaching and now it all makes sense to me in a life changing Aha moment.

While I cannot promise that this book will transform your thinking as it has mine, I still feel the urge to do as Oprah wanted to do with The Color Purple, and hand it out to all those who are interested. Certain growth in life is about finding the right student-teacher relationship, it cannot be forced. Discover the Power Within You was the perfect fit for me.


A Few Quotes from Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth

p. 66 “I keep my thought centered upon only those things that I want to see manifest in my life.”

p. 83 “The person may be outwardly annoying, but when he becomes annoying to you, it is your thought about him that is the problem. Change this thought and you change the whole experience.”

p.118 [The meaning of Amen] “This is the truth… and it is now done.”

p. 158 “You have the potential of being a radiant expression of light, but you must have it turned on.”

p. 188 “We need to help people realize that they are unique expressions of the Infinite- that they can begin with themselves to give expression to new ideas, to develop new creativity and to become productive.”

p.188 “We need to change the “war on poverty” to a program of “education for abundance.” We need to help people understand their part in this great accommodating universe- help them to change their thoughts and to begin to work with ideas.”

p. 188 “And even one life that bears witness to the truth of the prosperity law will quicken the consciousness of the whole community.”


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