TheTwo Best Portable Cribs For Traveling Mamas
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TheTwo Best Portable Cribs For Traveling Mamas

Confession: I run a travel website, and even I find the thought of hitting the road with my ever-curious toddler, well, daunting.  Lucky for me, my job affords me the chance to put all sorts of purported Sanity-Saving devices to the test. Here are my two picks for soothing those tykes to sleep:

The Gold Standard
The BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light has been my go-to travel crib for the past year. So handy dandy it can be assembled in less than 30 seconds (Yes – 30 seconds! Just call me MacGuyver-Mommy) it comes complete with a plush mattress sure to keep your tyke snug. For those parents looking for portability and comfort, nothing beats this puppy.

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Go Go Gadget Crib
Then along came the GoCrib, the latest and greatest portable crib from the geniuses over at Guava Family. In one word: awesome. This 7-pound wonder folds into a lightweight backpack that easily slides into an overhead airplane compartment (take that, Airline check-in luggage fees!). Bonus: this bad boy morphs into a mini play center, with the sides zipping down to give your toddler a taste of freedom, and can be set up and broken down in less than five minutes.

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For my short list of Greatest Hits for soothing your little one to sleep when you’re away from home, check out the full article here.

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